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Diploma Engineering

The manufacturing companies of India prefer polytechnic/diploma students for various reasons. The diploma holders are well-versed in practical applications. They can be easily trained and promoted to higher levels on a par with degree engineers. The demand for diploma holders is increasing in many folds due to the lack of suitable mechanical staff below managerial level.

After diploma one can also pursue an engineering degree through the lateral entry level. This is one way to increase professional growth. In the present scenario diploma in engineering seems to be a better option when considering placements. Our motto is to produce quality diploma engineers to meet the demands of the industries and manufacturing companies . Besides above some parents are interested to educate their sons/daughters from the foundation level of engineering i.e. diploma engineering .This view of parents is most welcome as because one student will be fundamentally strong from the foundation level of engineering.

Chairman's Message

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Dr. Madhumita Parida


Education is a process of imparting knoweledge, developing the power of reasoning,judgement, wisdom, special skills and intellectual enrichment for a mature life.