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For security and added comfort, buses are provide for transport of students ,faculty & staff. The routes and pickup points are clearly laid out with timing of pick-up clearly indicated for various points. In addition to the transportation provided by us, comfortable city buses ‘MO BUS’ under CRUT (Capital Region Urban Transport) system of the State Govt. also ply at short intervals on regular basis which touch the institute campus. The students can choose their preferable mode of transportation accordingly. Further details are indicated below.

  • To ensure safety and security of girl students, the institution provides on demand from the parents, transport facility at competitive rates on no-profit- no- loss basis.

  • The college has employed qualified and experienced drivers.

  • Transport facility as well as seats is provided on ‘first come first served’ basis.

  • Transport schedule is designed to ensure arrival of buses campus at least 10 minutes before the scheduled college hours.

  • Each student availing institute’s transport will be issued bus passes under the seal of Administrative Officer or his authorized nominee. The pass will be carried by the student and produced to the Authority during verification en-route, if required.

  • Students shall produce the fee receipts on demand.

  • The students are advised to be at the boarding point at least 10 minutes before the bus arrival schedule.

  • Students arriving late at the boarding point i.e. after the bus leaves the point, they will have to make their own transport arrangements.

  • In the evening the buses will leave the college as per the schedule.

  • No change of schedule or route is permitted.

  • Buses will run during the academic year as per the almanac for B. Tech students. During the SUMMER/WINTER vacation no transport facility will be provided by the college.

  • Buses will not run exclusively for MBA/M.Tech students. They have to adjust themselves as per the almanac of B.Tech Students.

  • In case of sudden break-down of buses en-route, the students shall cooperate with the management and make their own arrangements. However, best of efforts shall be made by the management to avoid such situations / inconvenience.

  • No student will be allowed to board the bus without bus pass and College ID Card.