The institute provides transport facilities to its students. The administrative Officer looks after the facility on a day to day basis. The commuters must follow the following rules:

  • The bus will stop and pick-up students only at the specified stops.
  • Students must wait at those specified stops to board the bus.
  • Students must travel by the bus allotted to the route concerned. They must not change their bus number or routes.Students should not call the drivers of the buses During transportation. They may call their friends.
  • Decency & discipline must be maintained in the bus.
  • Smoking and consumption of tobacco, alcohol etc in the bus are strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging of any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must take proper care of the items like seats, lights, glasses etc. Any damage will be paid for by the users.
  • Students must behave politely with the transport staff.
  • Violation of any of these rules shall bring strict disciplinary action into the students.
  • Any suggestion related to the transport services should be submitted to the Transport Manager /Dean Academic.