Seminar is an integral part of academic activities. Every department, under the guidance of a senior faculty member carries out various activities such as:

  • Inviting experts / guests from outside for talk on various subjects.
  • Arranging faculty’s seminar internally
  • Conducting students‟ seminar, personality development programme etc.


    Cultural Activities enrich the young minds with vigor and vitality. To take care of such activities Aryan has a cultural society headed by a senior Faculty member and supported by student representatives.


    Unique activities have been carried out in Aryan to inculcate the literary talents of the students and to make them updated with day to day affairs on business, economy, society, polity literature, and technology, current affairs on national and international importance. They are mentioned below

  • Wall Magazine (THE ARYAN SLATE) is a platform where the literary talents of students can be showcased and as a medium, through which campus happiness could be better known. The articles are being newly-issued in every month .It has become a successful with the active co-operation of students. The wall magazine covers area like ENIGMA: Stories, Poems (Literature), BIZZFUZZ: Business market happening, FROLIC: Sports ,Science &Technology ,Coat the Wall: Paintings ,Run the Fun: Jokes ,Quote of the week: Quotations ,Movie Mania: Box Office, Myth Vs Fact ,Mount the Fount: Research article, Culture & Heritage: Cultural Segment, Out of the Box ,Health Watch and Book Review.

  • Every morning it travels either on a small piece of paper or in the mind of a student, who by making a small effort to place that on a white board specifically meant for it at the entrance gate of the college reaches the minds of the approximately 1500 members of Aryan family instilling them to look within. It’s a thought (Golden Words/Quotes) that becomes “Thought for the Day” at Aryan.

  • “The Day Today”: Often people live through a day without having any clue about its significance to mankind. It is not for any ordinary reason that sometimes people resolute to observe a specific day of a year as a commemoration to some significant event of the past. Here at Aryan, such days don’t pass by without the acknowledgement of all its members. On such important day, a write up and quiz has been read and discussed in each class.

  • Fun Quiz:Regularly e-mail has been sent to students and staff-members on interesting facts, picture, article, quotations on daily basis. It has been done in Aryan to make the Aryan community updated.

  • E-magazine: Each month an e-magazine has been uploaded in the website of Aryan which covers articles, poems, stories on varied interest contributed by both students and staff- members of Aryan.


    The Institute floats professional courses on IBM-DB2, RAD, ORACLE and BEC. We are also tied up with professional bodies like Purple Leap, Confidence Factory, You Succeed and Co- Cubes for better employability of the Students. Infosys campus connect programme is a very recent addition to the above purpose.

    Students have to get a certification either through the College or from any outside service provider in the following area, to be eligible to sit for our Campus interviews:


  • Regular training in SOFTSKILL